BASE is a film company, the result of the merger of SALTO FILMS founded by Shanty Harmayn (producer, Garuda di Dadaku, The Dancer), MILLION PICTURES founded by Ben Soebiakto & Aoura L. Chandra (producer, The Land of Five Towers), and KAWI CONTENT founded by Tanya Yuson. Based in Jakarta & Singapore, BASE is developing projects in Indonesia, Philippines, China, and other markets.

BASE Entertainment is the studio arm with focus on development and distribution. We actively creating, acquiring, and licensing the best IP from various territory, then develop them into series of projects in several formats. Currently, we are focusing on feature length projects and series projects.

BASE Film Fund is a fund management company we build to fuel the growth and expansion of the film industry. We aim to create portfolios by working not only with BASE studio, but also collaborating with the best filmmakers from all over the world. BASE Film Fund is looking to finance various projects with both a strong POV and market appeal.

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