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Perempuan Tanah Jahanam (Impetigore)


Joko Anwar


Joko Anwar


Tara Basro, Christine Hakim, Marissa Anita, Asmara Abigail, Ario Bayu




Horror, Thriller



The first movie in the Joko Anwar’s slate of projects, Perempuan Tanah Jahanam has been gestating as a script for 10 years before in 2019, BASE Entertainment with Ivanhoe Pictures, CJ Entertainment, and Rapi Film with Logika Fantasi produced Joko Anwar’s script into a feature length movie.

Perempuan Tanah Jahanam tells the story of a woman who returns to her home village, only to find out that the whole village has been searching all along for her, thinking that she’s responsible for a curse.

Perempuan Tanah Jahanam officially reached a million viewers in nine days. Since its first airing on October 17th, the horror film written and directed by Joko Anwar has been well received and reached more than 1.7 million viewers in total. Achieving this number of viewers can be considered extraordinary because for the first time, a horror-thriller genre received such a standing ovation in Indonesia.

In December 2019, it was announced that Perempuan Tanah Jahanam will have its International Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2019. Another milestone for the ground breaking movie.

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